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Paul Hurley



Paul Hurley purposefully moved to San Francisco in 1985 to be in the real estate business. Over the last 30 years, Paul honed his skills as a sales agent and real estate developer to become one of San Francisco’s most respected industry professionals. His relationships with other top-performing agents help navigate the trickiest transactions. In short: Paul knows San Francisco real estate and how to make deals happen.

Paul approaches every real estate transaction with the same care and diligence as if it was his own. Buyers, sellers, and developers know that when they work with Paul, they’re getting straight advice. Sellers rely on him to assess what it will take to make a deal happen. Properties are smartly positioned through marketing and strategic pricing for the best result. Working with buyers, his background as a psychological counselor reveals their true needs in a home. Combined with Paul’s frank advice and market knowledge, home buyers decisively make purchasing decisions.

Buying properties to fix and flip or to fix and hold is one of Hurley’s specialties. He has developed many properties for others and himself during the last three decades. His keen analytical mind assesses potential redevelopment properties in a snap. He has fostered contacts able to complete a renovation within a reasonable budget.

When not negotiating deals, Paul relaxes in nature by fly fishing, hiking, and hunting for mineral specimens.

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